Serflings GUI

All-in-one bundle for convenient use of the Settlers 1 remake from the Serflings project.


Michael Eberlein's "Serflings" is a loving remake (which is based on Java) of the legendary Settlers 1, which comes up with additional options that were not available in the original. One notable feature is the ability to play against each other in a network, which adds a whole new dimension to the game. More details about the Serflings project can be found in its Website .

To make this remake as easy to use as possible, I have developed a user-friendly GUI especially for macOS. A big advantage is that no additional Java installation is required. With just one file from the original game, you can dive straight into the action. A small building guide and an overview of the keyboard shortcuts are also included.

There is also the option of playing the much better sounding Amiga music instead of the DOS version.

My Serflings GUI also offers the option of conveniently switching between the stable version and the nightly build version. This allows you to always explore the latest developments and features of the game and at the same time fall back on a reliable and established version if desired.

Experience Settlers 1 in new (old) splendor with Serflings - simple, accessible and with exciting features that enhance the original game.

>>> Download (mind. 10.14) Intel+ARM64 (U2B) <<<

Features of the GUI

- Choice between stable and nightly build release
- Building overview with brief explanation
- Overview of keyboard shortcuts in the game
- Online Chat Function