Swift and Xcode

Examples of using Swift in Xcode

Briefly about myself:
Originally I am based in the bash scripting corner. In June 2017, however, I set myself the goal of comfortably linking Bash with Swift / Xcode and thus giving pure command line programs a user-friendly “face”. My first project was the "Kext Updater” which I posted on the Hackintosh forum. Originally intended as a pure bash script, Cocoa gave it a nice surface. But not only that. With Xcode I was now able to massively expand the functions of the program (including through ideas from forum members), so that a kind of Swiss knife for the Hackintosh area was created. The Kext Updater is still in active development to this day.

But now we come to the Swift examples. Among other things, I will also introduce a kind of "Bash/Swift/Xcode" construction kit. In addition to Bash, all other script languages ​​such as Python, Perl, Ruby etc. can of course also be used instead. The principle is always similar.

• LetsMoveIt

     An alternative to this Project which gets by with pure on-board resources.

• Scriptingbaukasten

     Folgt bald …