Kext Updater

The Tool to keep your Hackintosh kexts up to date with just one click. It was never easier.

Kext Updater

The search for updates of your used kexts is not one of your favorite tasks? Then with the Kext Updater there is now a tailor-made solution for you.

Started in April 2017 as a small project on for pure version checking, the Kext Updater now offers an extensive range of functions that go beyond simply updating Kext´s.

The opportunity knocks. Get the latest version now and let the Kext Updater do some of the Hackintosh work for you.

>>> Download (mind. 10.10) <<<
Source: Github

What features does the Kext Updater offer?

KU Hauptfenster
  • Version check and automatic download of current Kext versions
  • Mounten der EFI Bootpartition (von der der Hackintosh gestartet ist … verwechseln mit anderen EFI Partitionen ausgeschlossen)
KU Report
  • Creation of a system report (for further analysis in a corresponding Hackintosh forum)
KU Kextmanager

  • Download all available Hackintosh kexts using the kextmanager
  • Possibility to load nigthly builds of various kexts
  • Prepared basic EFI folder (EFI Folder Creator) with OpenCore or Clover Bootloader
KU Bootloader
  • Load OpenCore or Clover fresh from their repositories
KU nVidia
  • Loading nVidia web drivers (10.10.0 - 10.13.6)
KU Tools
  • Rebuild Kext Cache / repair file rights
  • Establish Atheros AR9280 / 9285 WLAN card support for 10.14 and higher
  • Blocking of Audiodevices from your Graphicscard
  • Sleepfix
  • Set system partition to read / write (10.15 and higher)
  • Mount from other EFI partitions
  • Checking of an OpenCore config file
  • Toolbar-Menu um die wichtigsten Befehle immer kompakt am Mauszeiger “klickbereit” zu haben
  • Optionally, a background deamon (settings) can be started there, which automatically searches for updates