What is Wine?

Use Windows games or programs directly with macOS

Wine is a replica of the Windows API that makes a variety of Windows games or programs run on macOS. Wherever this works, it is the more direct route over a virtualization solution.
If you can't do without certain Windows games or programs, you have three options - use Windows via dualboot, install Windows in a virtual machine under macOS or start the desired software via Wine. However, the path via Wine can be a bit rocky and "tricky". Not every program or game can be run with it and there is no way around a full Windows installation.

But now let's get to the real point
Who (of us older people) doesn't like to think back to the good old computer times of classic games and would like to play them again today because we spent hours or even days playing them. As already described above there are several ways to do this.  In my Wine section I would like to offer the possibility to easily get these games running again under macOS.

For this purpose, I prefer the so-called "Wine Wrapper", as long as it works with the corresponding game. This wrapper is apparently nothing more than a normal Mac application. You just have to start it like any other Mac application and you can start playing directly. All the necessary Windows system files are included in the app without the need for a real Windows installation.

I would like to provide here now the one or other wrapper to classics. It is important to mention here that it is only the naked wrapper. That means the actual files of the game are not included for copyright reasons. You must have the original game files to install them. Apart from that, the WWW also offers many possibilities for a game (of course completely legal) to get hold of.

What do you have to do if you have downloaded one of my wrappers and the CD(s)/disk image(s)/GOG installer is now in front of you?

1) First start the "Game Config" application that comes with the wrapper folder.
2) Now click on the red button "Install game".
3) Select the installation exe file

After that everything looks exactly like you know it from Windows. Just follow the steps of the installation. It is very important that you use the default installation path of the game. . otherwise it will not work in the end. The path is fixed in the wrapper. You just have to confirm all requests.

With the GOG game installers it can happen that they throw an error at the very end. You can simply ignore this and confirm. This does not affect the function.

Generally it is also important that you do not start the game directly at the end, as it is usually suggested by the installer, but first exit the whole thing so that you get back to "Wineskin". If you need to do any further installations for the game, e.g. insert the 2nd CD with the setup exe or apply any patches (technical or linguistic), just repeat the procedure as described in point 4). When everything is done you can close Wineskin and then my Game Config application and start the latter again. The red button is no longer visible and you can adjust the settings and start the game.

Many of the older games require that you leave the installation CD in the drive so that the game will start. This was a common copy protection back then. Fortunately, it is usually sufficient to create a disk image from your original and then simply mount it. By the way, you can install games from disk images in general, so you don't need any physical media. The original can stay on your shelf.

The whole CD check falls under the table with GOG games anyway, because they exclusively deliver their games in only one exe file which is free of DRM.

And now I wish you a lot of fun with my Wine Wrappers, which will hopefully become even more extensive over time. The wrappers offered here should theoretically also work on Apple Silicon devices.